Sermons by Ann Nunnally

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Generous Seasons

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We must prepare for every season of our our life. Watch or listen as founding Pastor, Ann Nunnally, shares with us on preparing for the seasons of generosity in our lives.


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How do we make our final decision? How do we resolve our problems in our decision making process? Listen or watch as Pastor Ann shares on how to resolve our decisions in 4 steps.

The Shield

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How many times have you wondered about what you really need in your life around the holidays? Listen or watch as Pastor Ann shares on how we need the shield of faith this season.

When Grace is Enough

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Have you ever struggled to get get something done, or been outmatched by something that just seemed to be overwhelming? Listen or watch as Pastor Ann shares on how grace is enough to overcome these obstacles.

Supernatural Baptism

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Watch as Pastor Ann encourages us to embrace all the baptisms in the Bible as supernatural. ***Note: due to technical difficulties the end of the sermon was cut off. We apologize!

Walk Anchored

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Watch as Pastor Ann shares how to avoid drifting away from the things you once passionately believed in with a sermon entitled “Drifting Away.”

Unity or Uniformity?

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Ever doubted your place in the body of Christ because you were different from the guy at the top? Watch as Pastor Ann delivers an encouraging word that will free you to be the disciple God has called you to be!

What Is Jesus Doing Now?

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He has died, was buried and has risen again! So what is Jesus doing now? Watch as Pastor Ann shares what our Savior Jesus is doing in Heaven after His resurrection and ascension.