Small Groups

Small Groups

Jesus didn’t mentor individuals, he discipled people in groups. Small groups exist as a way for believers to engage in biblical community so that we can become more like Jesus in every area of our lives.

At VFC, we call our small groups FaceTime Groups because in this world of busyness and isolation, we all need to get some “face time” with other believers. No iPhone needed! We meet at houses around the area on Wednesday nights to share a meal, study the Word and get to know each other.

Here is a list active groups for the Fall 2017 semester!

Ignite Student Ministries, Children’s Church and the Nursery also meet Wednesdays at VFC from 6:30—8:30 p.m.  Drop your kids off at church at 6:30 and head to your FaceTime group. Sign-up sheets for FaceTime groups are available in the foyer at the church so we can know to expect you. FaceTime groups will be dismissed in time for parents to get their children by 8:30.

Please consider becoming a part of an existing VFC FaceTime group. Call the church office for more details or suggestions on which group to visit.

If you are interested in hosting or leading a FaceTime group, please contact Pastor Jamie.